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A Driver lets a Langoor Drive a Fully Loaded Bus

A Driver lets a Langoor Drive a Fully Loaded Bus


Recently I wrote an article about the bizarre animal stories from India. That article also spoke about the viral news of a monkey driving an empty bus which was left unattended by the sleeping driver. Later, it ended up crashing into two nearby parked buses.

A police complaint was launched against the monkey as well. Of course, he was never arrested but it created a big time hype about the carelessness of the driver.

It happened years ago, just so you know. But when I came across this latest viral news that a bus driver willingly handed over the steering wheel of the bus to a Langoor, I was flabbergasted.

Where did this happen?

This epic video of a Langoor driving a bus while the driver changes the gears came across the social media platforms from Karnataka. The whole amusing incident took place in a KSRTC bus which drives from the place called Davangere to Bharamasagara.

What can you see in the video?

The entire video is about 1 minute, in which you can clearly see that a Langoor has mounted itself on top of the steering wheel of a bus. The driver can be seen smiling and even caressing the Langoor while it excitedly rotates the wheel left and right.

The animal seems to quite enjoy the whole driving experience. But the problem is, it actually isn’t fun. The entire bus was full of passengers and if the animal had lost control of the vehicle, the bus might have met with a massive accident including the people traveling inside it.

Who would have blamed then? The Langoor? The bus driver?

So, what happened next?

It really freaked me out that a Langoor drove a bus full of people but the fact that the video was recorded by a passenger way back, made me a question about the safety of bus travelers.

It means that even after the video was recorded, this Langoor might have driven around the bus. Who knows, he might be driving on an everyday basis? Right? After all, the driver didn’t even look a little bit worried about his life.

What action did the authority take?

Once the KSRTC’s Divisional Controller came across the video, he has removed the driver from his duty. Because he believes that the safety of the passengers come first. He has already started receiving a number of calls from the outraged people who saw the viral news.

Moving ahead, he also promised that there will an inquiry behind this whole case and the driver might get suspended.

In Conclusion: The driver’s name is Prakesh. And apparently, he is an animal lover. Well, if that is the case he should be shifted to wildlife department. Right?

Because even if he is really good with animals, he has no right to put the lives of everyone on board at risk.

What do you think about this latest trending news? Do you think he should be suspended? And if not, what should be done to make him realize that whether he was doing was not good, at least not for the life of passengers that he had on board.

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