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It’s Not Summer But Still, Carry Your Sunglasses While Travelling

It’s Not Summer But Still, Carry Your Sunglasses While Travelling


Most people love to wander and see the different corners of the world. And yes this is only possible through travelling. Although you may get information about every place online or by reading books, but visiting that particular place has its charm. But, whether you are traveling in summers, winters, or any other season, never forget to carry sunglasses with you.

Eyewear not only gives you a fashionable look but also protect your eyes from UV rays. Moreover, by wearing sunglasses you can protect your eyelid from skin cancer. You can go with aviator glasses as these are made of supreme quality for protecting eyes from harmful radiation.

sunglasses while travelling

Why wear sunglasses?

Why should you wear sunglasses in all the seasons? Wherever you go, the sun’s UV rays are something you can’t ignore. These rays are responsible for eye damage like cataracts and macular degeneration. Both these problems are severe and can result in permanent eyesight loss. Wearing sunglasses is the only solution for protecting your eyes all year long. As per the research done, our eyes are ten times more sensitive to UV rays than our skin, yet some people don’t know much about it.

You might have heard that we should not see the sun directly with naked eyes in your childhood. Most of the sun rays, which we see, are indirect. This implies we see sun rays reflected through windows, roads, snow, pavements, etc. These reflected sun rays are as harmful as direct sun rays and should be avoided. It is always recommended to regularly check your eyes to avoid any problem right in its nascent stage. Your eye specialist can advise some better sunglasses to protect your eyesight from the UV rays.

Protect your eyes from dazzling sunlight

It’s exciting to travel in the spring or winter season to refresh your mood. But the low sunlight gets reflected through the road and can make you temporarily blind while driving. The same situation happens while enjoying any winter sport like skiing, as the sunlight gets reflected through the snow and makes your blind. However, such blindness is for a short duration but can cause a devastating accident. Wearing sunglasses can avoid such situation and give you clear vision during driving, skiing in winters.

Avoid squinting

Say ‘NO’ to squint by wearing suitable blinkers as it will prevent you from early wrinkles and fine lines on your face. It will also keep you away from headaches. Continuous squinting and straining your eyes on bright sunny days can cause headaches and eyestrain.

Wearing sunglasses also protect you from other elements like dust, sand, and wind. Such elements can create irritation in the eyes and can even damage the cornea. Such things are quite common when exploring new beaches, climbing mountains, or driving on dusty roads and tracks.

Get a clear vision with appropriate sunglasses.

While traveling, you may have to drive or paddle at different places, and here comes the role of sunglasses, which can protect your eyes. The sun indeed rises in the east and sets in the west. So, while cycling or driving east or west, you will surely face the sun at some point of time. Without sunglasses, it is difficult to see the places in the way you want to be. Sunglass will give you clear vision, and you can see the places clearly without squinting or making your eyes watery. 

Pick the best sunglasses for your eyes.

The price of sunglasses varies depending upon its manufacturer and the material quality and design. You can go with aviator glasses as these can be your best mate while traveling. These sunglasses are trendy, comfortable, and can cater to you clear vision in all the seasons. Brand names ensure you best quality of lenses and frames. Buying cheap sunglasses is not a good choice as they can break or scratched easily. Go with designer sunglasses as they are more durable and made of premium material and set the best example of quality work. These sunglasses never break when dropped from a certain height and will never bend if picked in the wrong way.


Which sunglasses can be a perfect match for you?

Usually, it is advised to wear polarized sunglasses, which can block glare. 

  • Your sunglasses should be able to block 99% of UV radiations and B rays.
  • It is always recommended to consult your doctor or purchase sunglasses with an optometric seal as this eyewear can block UV rays.
  • It is not necessary to buy expensive sunglasses. However, the stylish frames and lens optics make them expensive. Choose optically ground lenses as they are free from distortion compared to other glasses with the pressed lens.

 Pack your bag wisely.

While planning any trip, you need to think a lot as your packing should be done according to the place you are traveling. The packing pattern is different for rock climbing and skiing places. You may not carry your swimsuit while traveling to cold beaches of the Arctic, and similarly, you will regret it if you forget your glasses while visiting Jamaica beaches. Picking up suitable sunglasses is a pivotal step for your trip. Keep in mind that sunglasses not only protect you from sun rays but also keep you away from dust and other elements.

The final takeaway

Sunglasses can make your trip memorable. Without suitable sunglasses, your eyes will get tired and can miss the superb sights around you. Your driving can become a tedious task instead of a thrilling experience without proper blinkers. While packing your traveling bag, put your glasses in priority. Buy a pair that can suit your personality. Even if you are traveling to Alaska, the snow glare can be a problem for you.

Next time when you plan a trip, don’t forget to carry your sunglasses as this will enhance your overall experience and protect your eyes. So, enjoy traveling with sunglasses and make your trip memorable.

Wish you a happy journey!

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