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Top 10 Reminders Apps That Android Users Can Rely On


We all need to be reminded of some important stuff in our day to day routine for one reason or another. Be it for our busy routine or just that we are so careless and habitual of forgetting things that we end up messing everything around sometimes. However, the latest innovation in our lives – the smartphones – can be a real life savior for all of us as they can help ensure we are right on schedule with everything we have to do with the help of some of the coolest reminders apps that are available to smartphone users.

You may suggest that you can set online alarm as an alternate but, believe it or not, even online alarms can ditch you sometimes. So, what you have in your pocket is probably the best solution for you. Let’s check out some of the best Android apps that you can use for reminders.


 1. TickTick

Primarily an organization app, TickTick isn’t a dedicated reminders app. However, it can do that as well by allowing you access to calendar integrations and to-do lists that you can maintain for your upcoming tasks that you have to accomplish. Its robust alarm can be helpful in tracking the reminders on your list and can notify you whenever something is due.


Any.do is quite a popular solution when it comes to reminders apps and task management tools. It comes with a Material design and offers quite a few useful features that you can rely on any day of the year. There are well-organized to-do lists available within the app which you can sort in different tabs allowing you to easily go through them whenever needed. There is support for voice input as well and reminders really take it up a notch.


Just as the name suggests, it’s a perfect app for reminders. Reminders gives you access to information that you need to find out momentarily. The layout is quite simple and it can be used for setting reminders of important chores you have to do on a day to day basis. Every entry can be saved by providing a title, time and date for the alert. The app even allows for recurring reminders as well.


One of go-to choices for those on Android, the app really gives you a productivity boost. It handles all your tasks quite smartly and gives you reminders to anything that is coming up. The app sticks to all the basic guidelines for material design and you can trust it for your appointments and day-to-day tasks. It will never let you down and will definitely make life easier for you.

5.Google Assistant

Google Assistant makes for your perfect assistant when it comes to reminding you of all the important stuff that you have to accomplish in a day or, maybe, in coming weeks. However, it works a bit differently as you’ll be relying on Google Search app for setting up your reminders where you can enter “Remind me to” and then write whatever it is that you want a reminder about. Afterwards, use the reminders prompt for creating your reminders within the app.

6.Life Reminders

The app makes everything organized for you by categorizing your reminders and everything that you have to do. The tab for Active reminders carries only what you are going to do in the coming days. There are various options within the app to remind you of your stuff as you it notifies you through basic notifications, emails, SMS, and even phone calls.

7.To Do Reminder With Alarm

It’s another wonderful reminders app with which you get a neat layout. Your “To Do Tasks” first have to go to Menu and then you can provide specific details about each thing that you want to be reminded of. What’s best about it is that it allows you to use voice commands to enter reminders as well.


A minimalist interface is what the app really boasts of but it still offers perfect functionality. The app comes with quite a lot of options that allow you to stay on top of your schedule. You can’t just create your to-do lists as well as reminders with the app but you can even share stuff with others for better organization. The option to add different PDFs, photos and presentations makes it even better.

9.Google Keep

Though primarily known as a note-taking solution, you can use Google Keep to enhance your productivity. You can’t just take notes with the app but also use it for reminders as well. Something that works with text and voice commands, the app is just perfect for setting reminders to keep you on schedule with just about everything that you have to do. You can even associate images with these reminders and do other customizations to make things work better for you.

10.Remember The Milk

It’s a simple app which makes sure that you do not forget at all about your routine chores like buying some milk at grocery store. So, use it to organize your daily life and do tasks as they are placed in multiple tabs designated as “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “All Tasks”, “This Week”, etc. There are quite a few useful customizations available that you can use to make the app even more interesting.

So, what are you waiting for then? Pick up your day organizer now and you will be able to increase your productivity at work and also at home by simply organizing things better. All of the apps listed above have something cool about them and they all offer basic productivity and organization features to make your life easier than ever. Just make your pick and you will definitely love the way these apps will help you achieve more and stress less.

Alex Coomb

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