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How Technology Can Help Prevent Car Accidents

How Technology Can Help Prevent Car Accidents


Here are some frightening statistics:

  • There are over 6 million road accidents in the United States every year
  • Over 90 people die in a road accident every single day
  • 3 million people get injured in car accidents every year
  • 2 million people are left permanently damaged due to car accidents every year

While these numbers paint a terrible picture of how much damage road accidents are doing, something is being done about it. Thanks to advancements in technology, several solutions are being created to make roads safer for travelers.

Automatic Emergency Braking

The AEB or Automatic Emergency Braking system is a new feature in cars that warns the driver of a possible collision. The system will then help the driver avoid a crash by applying the maximum capacity of the brakes in the car. If the situation is becoming dangerously critical, then the system automatically applies the brakes to prevent a crash.

Adaptive Headlights

This technology has directly contributed to reducing road accidents significantly. With this technology, car headlights turn along with the steering wheel. When you are driving down a dark road, it is tough to see cars coming from the opposite direction. Added to that, you may not even see wild animals crossing paths, which is when many accidents occur.

With adaptive headlights, you get to see exactly where you are going, thereby reducing your chances of meeting with an accident.

Electronic Stability Control

This breakthrough technology is expected to reduce the chance of a total car crash or a car roll-over by 50%! The focus of this technology is to prevent cars from skidding out of control, even when weather conditions have made roads dangerous.

The technology works in such a way that it decreases the vehicle’s engine power by applying the brakes in the event of a run-off-road accident.

Forward Collision System

The most significant danger to people on the roads is looking at your mobile phone while driving. This habit leads to a lot of rear-end collisions, accidents that one could easily avoid. If you or a loved one experiences this, immediately get in touch with a car accident lawyer.

With this new technology, a car will have the ability to automatically measure the distance it is from the vehicle in front of it. It will also reduce its speed so that the impact of a car crash is minimized.

Lane Departure Warning System

This system is another recent development in auto technology that has helped reduce the possibility of a car accident. When a car starts drifting off its lane, the lane departure warning system will be activated, warning the driver of what is happening.

This system is excellent to have in your car if you drive a lot. If you are on a long drive and are getting drowsy, this technology could help save your life.

Alcohol Screening System

A person who has a DUI conviction is now required to install an IID – an ignition interlock device. To be able to start the engine, the person has to take a breathalyzer test in a system that is linked to the car’s ignition. If there is even a slight whiff of alcohol on the person’s breath, the engine won’t start.

Active Parking Assist

Interestingly enough, several accidents occur when a person is trying to park the car. The parking assist system helps the driver to parallel park and thereby avoid hitting other vehicles, parking stalls, or worse, pedestrians. Some parking assist technologies will park the car independently.


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