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Tech Startups with a Mission to Care for Seniors


Data shows that by the year 2060, about 24% of the population in the United States will be over 65 years of age – that’s around 98 million seniors! This also means that the senior care industry is growing and evolving to cater to so many of the elderly.

With such a large segment of the population needing senior care, there could be a lack of manpower, which could lead to people filing for nursing home neglect due to injuries or other issues. Which is why there are many startups that are turning to technology to find innovative ways for assisted living for seniors?

Here are some of the startups that are working towards making a better life for seniors:


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a loving family to take care of them in their senior years. In fact, a large section of the low-income seniors is particularly exposed to poor health outcomes, and fall through the gaps in the country’s healthcare system.

Care Message is a startup that has used mobile technology to engage with such populations (among others) in a bid to make healthcare more accessible.

Steadiglove by Steadiwear

There are more than 12 million senior Americans who are unable to feed or dress themselves because of severe hand tremors caused by tremor diseases such as Parkinson’s.

Steadiwear, a technology startup, has used a combination of nanotechnology as well as engineering to create the Steadiglove. People wearing this glove get instant relief from their tremors. While the product is still in its early stages of development, the gloves has shown excellent results, with patients being able to draw once again, or even pick up a glass of water, a simple action that had become almost impossible for them.

Seismic’s Powered Clothing

Seismic, previously known as Super Flex Tech, is a startup that has focused on solutions for loss of mobility. Using robotics technology, this company has created apparel that can give aging muscles in the legs and hips a power boost and help seniors battle against the loss of mobility.

Deva World – A Computer Game for People with Dementia

Mentia, another creative tech startup, has created a video game specifically designed for people with dementia. The game has been designed to be slow, so that seniors suffering from this disease are able to keep up with it.

This game was designed so that care givers and care organizations would have a novel way to connect with seniors with dementia, and help them form better connections as well as cope with the stress of living with the disease.

The Levitation Bionic Knee Brace

Spring Loaded, yet another tech startup that has focused on elder care, has created the Levitation Bionic Knee Brace, a carbon-fiber leg brace that helps support weak knee joints and increases mobility. 

The bionic hinge on this brace protects the wear by providing shock absorption to a bent knee as well as support to the leg muscles when the knee is straight.

Rendever: Helping Seniors with Virtual Reality

This startup won MIT’s prestigious Innovation Healthcare prize in 2017, when this product was launched.

The concept is simple: tablets are loaded with VR experiences, especially related to traveling and cute animals. Then, these tablets are paired with VR headsets and then rented out to nursing homes. The caretakers can then hold a VR hour, where the seniors are taken on a virtual trip.

This product has helped increase senior engagement, reduce depression and also increase activity (since they would be twisting and turning in their seats to catch the 360-degree VR experience).


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