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Creating a Social Safety Net with Technology


Social Safety NET

The beauty of many technology startups is that they don’t only focus on revenue-generating innovations. Hundreds of startups also concentrate on making the world a better place in which to live.

In fact, through the ages, it has always been the entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations that have taken steps to improve the lot of society. And that trend continues today.

Here are some of the technology startups that are working towards easing the societal burden and creating a better social safety net for the world:


Earnin is an app that targeted low-income populations. It allows you to draw salary advances of up to $100 per day – without you having to pay a fee for it. The app tracks how frequently you work as well as what you earn, and based on that information, it lets you know what your borrowing limit is. The idea behind this app to help low-income households get a steadier income.


Currently, insurance providers are only able to provide health insurance nationally. Which means that if you frequently travel abroad on work, you will be left without protection.

With SafetyWing, a digital nomad, a person who travels for work to other parts of the world, will no longer have to worry about health insurance. This US-Norwegian startup focuses on providing flexible insurance plans for such workers.


Trupo is a technology startup that provides short-term disability insurance to freelancers. In the United States, getting Social Security Disability is a long, painful process. Fortunately, hiring a Social Security Disability lawyer can significantly help with this type of cases. 

For freelancers, getting any disability is even more difficult. Trupo tries to bridge that gap by offering them support while they wait for their Social Security Disability claim to come through.


Though technically not quite a startup, Watsi deserves mention for what it is trying to do for society. This non-profit has developed a crowdsourcing platform that allows people to donate funds for healthcare for those who cannot afford it – anywhere in the world.

The organization has partnered with doctors and hospitals across the world to provide healthcare to those who need it. These partners submit profiles of patients that need high-impact, but low-cost medical care to the non-profit. Watsi then assesses the profile, and if it meets all necessary criteria, then the non-profit guarantees that the cost of treating that patient will be taken care of.

Oscar Health Insurance

A tech startup focused on health insurance. Oscar Health focuses on reducing the cost of health insurance via telemedicine, transparent claims pricing, and access to online medicine. It also looks at correcting the balance in the healthcare system by emphasizing prevention versus cure.

Point Home Equity

A Palo Alto-based real estate tech startup, Point is focused on making owning a home easier. The company is offering you an alternative to traditional home loans. The company offers to pay for a part of your home equity, which you can then buy back later. For those who cannot afford to put all their wealth into one single asset, Point gives them an easier way to own their own home.

These are just a few of the startups that have focused on creating a more significant social safety net for the people across the world. For example, Divvy is also a tech startup that focuses on making housing more affordable for people. Another startup, the Lambda School, is creating a platform for people to learn new tech skills via income sharing agreements. The list goes on. The best part is that there are venture capitalists out there who believe in them and are willing to fund their ideas!

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