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How Can Single Mothers Raise Their Children Well


Life can prove to be very stressful if you are alone and a single parent. You have to understand how to cope up with the pressure and raise your child well. Nowadays, single-parenting is becoming common and many children are suffering due to wrong practices that need to be changed by you as a parent. There are many challenges that you might have experience and maybe you will face some in the future.

Under many circumstances, child-rearing is difficult and stakes get higher when you don’t get the support of your partner. The sole responsibility to look after every day-to-day aspect of your child’s life lies in your shoulder being a single parent. Stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression is a problem that single-mothers have to fight with. If you will feel over-pressured, your child will also suffer from the same, most probably. To avoid an arise of behavioral problems and indiscipline it is very important to be consistently supportive emotionally.

Sometimes, single-mothers get less access to health care and lower incomes. While juggling with work, you can overcome financial difficulties but you may get isolated socially. There is no need to worry about the lack of male parental role model for your kid. You can raise your child happy and healthy by learning a few positive strategies on how to manage the special challenges in your single-mother life:

  1. Praise your child: Every mother loves her child but it is essential to express that unconditional love. You should praise your child for her/his every single little or big achievement. Support your child and set time to spend every day with your child either it be for playing or for assignment help. Even if there is nothing to do, you should simply sit with your kid and talk about how life is going.
  2. Create a proper routine for discipline: To shape the life of your child, teach good habits and proper way to live life. No one can be perfect in life but your child must know how to live like a good citizen. Make a proper schedule for regular meals, play-time, bed-time and time to get back home.
  3. Proper childcare: In case, you are going for work and your children are home alone, don’t rely upon your older child (if you have) to be a baby sitter. To stimulate a safe environment for your child, look for a qualified caregiver. To watch your child, ask one of your reliable friends, or your partner(boyfriend).
  4. Set a few rules and limits: It is very important for you to speak respectfully if you want to build respectful behavior in your child. Explain rules and expectations to your child that are essential in life. Without forcing your child for anything, teach consistent discipline and abilities to become responsible in life. Set a few limits like screen-time and playtime telling why it should be limited.
  5. Never Blame Yourself: Never ever feel guilty or blame yourself in front of your child for being a single parent.
  6. Enjoy life and take care of yourself: In your daily life, you should eat healthily and get plenty of sleep to take care of yourself. Exercise daily and organize your time to do different activities. Take your child out and spend a fun time outside at least once a week.
  7. Stay positive: If you are going through bad times, encourage your child and tell that situations will get better. Make sure that you stay honest with your child and teach that the best policy is honesty. Stay up with a sense of humor and be affirmative while dealing with everyday challenges.

The risk of depression and lower self-esteem is higher in children with single-parent. The child might feel isolated socially, sad, alone, unloved, disowned, hopeless, and much more.

Talk about the separation or divorce with your child.

Never avoid answering the questions of your child after the separation or divorce. It is also not necessary to create negativity about the father. Tell the child that he/she is not the reason for the separation or divorce. Show you love, and express your feelings with the kid. Also, try to know their feelings and make them feel better.

Consult a counselor and take your child for counseling. Make your child understand the problems that may occur during life. Teach how to overcome fears and prepare him/her for every challenge. Help him/her to adapt to the changed behavior. Sometimes parents place the needs of their children and decide to communicate on co-parenting. You can opt to do so, but make sure that it does not lead to harmful effects.

Don’t hide if you are dating a new partner.

If you are dating someone, don’t hide it from your children. Consider the impact of a new romantic partner. Make sure that your partner also knows about your child and treats your child well with respect. Before introducing your child with the partner, be ascertain that your connection is reliable and solid. Give your child time to be comfortable and know the good qualities of your choice. Note that you don’t try to replace the other parent and make it clear to your child.

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