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Dos and Don’ts in Relationships to Make Them Longer


Defining any relationship is hard because the dynamics and depth of every relationship are different. When we talk about the relationship between parents and children, it is believed to be the strongest of all relations that exist on earth; no matter what comes in between, it stays till the last breath.

When we talk about relationships between spouses, siblings, friends, or some other relations, the level of intimacy and dependence decides a lot about these relationships. Moreover, the bond of love that exists in all types of relationships is something that should be considered before judging the depth of any relation.

Being in love and being in a relationship are two different things that people need to understand these days. Also, time does not play a much vital role in building a relationship. For example, Someone you may know for a short span of time may be too close to you while someone you know for years may be too far away from you when it comes to being attached emotionally. So, every relationship is based on certain ideologies that are the foundation of it; the strong the foundation, the more it is to stay!

So, what are the dos and don’ts to survive any relationship for a longer period? Let’s find out


  • Respect their feelings and understand them in difficult times.
  • Take time out for your loved ones for it is the base of every relation.
  • Keep the doors of ‘communication’ open always. It says “by talking about all matters can be solved” and when you don’t talk it builds up misunderstandings which turn more complicated with times
  • Lastly, spread love because the more you love and care about your closer persons, the more you get in return from them.


  • Never tolerate abuses in any relation. There are many Santa Rosa Personal Injury client who has suffered much in a relationship and reached out to judicial help. That may help in changing someone you love but if it prolongs you always have the choice to leave no matter how much you love the person.
  • Don’t be rude or ill-mannered to someone you are related to, because that may hamper your relations to certain extents.
  • Don’t dump your decision on others; they may not like it always and that in turn may create conflicts.

The closure

Not only today, but this earth has witnessed breaking of relations since time immemorial. We have seen divorces, breaking off friendships, break up in between long-term partners in ancient times also. But what makes things a bit different these days is that we have more technical means to spread anything like wildfire and people have also become very impatience in dealing with the minor issues of their relationships.

It is the reason we see a lot of relationships in which people voted for ‘lifetime of togetherness’ and ‘eternity’ breaking off in no time. Therefore, one should consider the above list to sustain longer relationships.

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