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Advantages of Having Your Best Friend as Your Partner

Advantages of Having Your Best Friend as Your Partner


The teenage days of love, when the feelings leave you ecstatic, and you keep craving for more are the days which mostly we all experience. In those days, the emotions are unadulterated and pure ad we do not plan a future together with our partner; we just sail through the time in the urge to stay together for the longest time.


In the hay days, we remain so involved in our love life that it outshines the fear of losing, jealousy, and heartbreaks in a relationship. And when we grow up, we realize that these are all part of life and our ‘fantasy’ world breaks apart! But what if we can hold on to it for the longest time? Yes! It is possible when we are romantically involved with our best friends.


Being in a relationship with your best friend has many advantages, and some of them are mentioned here.


Read on to find out Your Best Friend as Your Partner


  • You can be ‘yourself’ in front of them– there is no need of pretending to be good or polite in front of your partner when you don’t feel like, just for the sake of avoiding an argument or hurting each other’s feelings. When you are best friends first, you automatically know about the mood swings that your partner goes through and you kind of adjust yourself in that way. Since you know each other so well, it hardly matters if you show your real mood to each other because, at the end of the day, you are ‘best friends’ again!


  • You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues– when you are best friends you know each other’s weaknesses and strong points thoroughly; there is nothing like “I don’t like this in him” or “I hate this habit of hers” kind of moment in the relationship. Since you accepted each other the way you are and became best of friends, the issues related to compatibility do not pop out consistently in the relationships.


  • You understand each other well– understanding between partners is the most crucial thing in a relationship; when you fail to understand each other, saving the relation seems tough. But with your best friend as a partner, it is the most natural part to deal with in the relationship. And when the understanding is strong, the bond becomes stronger. 


  • Chances of heartbreaks or infidelity are less– many relationships die down these days with the possibilities of infidelity and trust issues, and thereby heartbreak follows. But when you have your best friends as your partner, the chances regarding these issues are less because you feel complete in each other’s company only and no insecurity comes in between you.


  • You share a great rapport– a fun filled and a happy relationship is better than the clichéd romantic relationships! It is evident that we have more moments of laughter with our best friends than our boyfriends/girlfriends and so a romantic relationship with them fulfills us emotionally, and we seldom become unhappy in our entire journey of love.



In our lives, we all face difficulties related to our personal relationships. Be it with our parents, spouses or children, we all suffer some form of discrimination at some point in our lives. Though the discrimination lawyer lends support for bringing equality in every arena of life, the mental agony that we go through refuses to die even though we come across a long way from the suffering.


All these pains fade away when we are in the right relationship and what can be the best form of a relationship when your best friend is your partner? There is no fear of discrimination in feelings in relationships of these kinds, and it becomes easy to commit with the ones you lost your heart to! Thus, you must consider choosing your best friend as your partner if you are denying it for a long time now; as it’s the kind of relationship you will cherish a lifetime.

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