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Caught In A Motorcycle Accident


Caught In A Motorcycle Accident? Few Questions You Should Ask Your Attorney

The Five Questions You Should Ask Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney During and After the Hiring Process

Some clients walk into this situation without knowing what they should be asking their motorcycle accident attorney. They go by the questions they were told to ask through someone else. That can create a missed opportunity, especially when the client walks away with more questions than answers.

I am here to help educate clients on how they can get a better grasp on their case through the questions they should be asking.

1)What Are Your Areas Of Expertise?

Some clients do not realize they have hired the wrong lawyer until it is too late. You need to find out their area of expertise before they represent you. It is hard enough for some clients to get a fair shake. Hiring the wrong motorcycle accident attorney will only expedite this further.

Every lawyer has their own area of expertise. Not every motorcycle lawyer is going to be skilled enough to handle your case. That is you need to clear the air right away.

Talk to them about their experience level. Find out how far in school they went. Hint: You want someone who has gone all the way in school, including a Masters and Ph.D. You do not want someone who has taken a few night classes here and there. The night classes are good, but they are not going to give you the help you need.

2)Is My Case Your First?

You do not want someone who is a virgin, but you do not want someone who has been around the block twelve times over either. A virgin is not going to give you the experience and knowledge your case needs. On the other hand, a lawyer who has been around the block might look at your case as something can be easily disposed of. In other words, they treat you as a number and not a person.

You need someone who rides the middle of the road. Your lawyer should have handled cases like yours before and gotten results.

3)Is It You?

Who is going to work on your case? How many people is your attorney going to use? Some lawyers handle the case by themselves. That has more of a personal touch to it. Other lawyers agree to handle your case, and then they hand it over to an associate.

There is nothing wrong with that, but it will affect your case. Will another person have the experience they need to handle your case? Is your primary lawyer handling your case to a pencil pusher? It is better to know that, so you can decide if that is the direction you want to go.

4)What Is the Time Limit?

Some motorcycle accident cases are resolved quickly, while others take more time. Which one will your case be? Your lawyer should be able to give you an estimate of the time length. The last thing you want is for your motorcycle lawyer to promise you one thing, and then do something else.

5)The Work?

You need to ask what your lawyer expects of you. It is a two-way street. They are helping you. You need to help them. Your lawyer will be making calls and setting up appointments. This is not a case of sitting on the couch and waiting to see your check in the mail. Help your lawyer, so your case can go smoother.

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