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8 Tips To Help You Maximize Your Injury Claim


8 Tips To Help You Maximize Your Injury Claim


Personal injury pertains to harm received by an individual may it be physically, emotionally, or psychologically. A personal injury may occur through negligence or willful actions. There is a multitude of ways to get injured which includes such as damage to one’s reputation, loss of dignity or even a breach of contract to something more visible like a physical injury which covers things like getting into a vehicular accident, slips, falls, faulty products, mistakes made by a professional such as a doctor and the likes and many various other causes.

Unlike criminal cases that are initiated by the government, a personal injury lawsuit is initiated by an individual. It is a legal dispute between an individual, the plaintiff, who suffered harm caused by the other party, the defendant, may they be another individual, a private entity, or a government agency.

More often than not personal injury cases are resolved through settlement and sometimes through mediation. However, there are rare occasions when insurance claims get stalled and both parties simply cannot arrive at an agreement, then, a personal lawsuit injury can be lodged. 

Get Medical Help

Seeking medical attention can possibly strengthen your case at a later date. Not seeking professional help has been known to reduced compensation at times. It is true that the other party may be responsible for causing you injury but it is also your responsibility to avoid further damage to yourself.

File A Police Report

A police report will ensure that all important facts will be recorded. The record will not only include information about the incident itself but also of possible witnesses and other parties involved. The police report itself can serve as a record of the important details of the incident and is admissible in court.

Keep Clear Documentation

When seeking medical help, keep clear records of all your medical expenses. This will help you in getting the right compensation

Document The Incident

Take photographs of everything during the time of the incident, when it safe to do so. If you’re not able to then immediately after or as soon as you can before any changes have been made to the location. If the incident happened under certain conditions then try to document it during those times and under those conditions as certain conditions like it was raining may be crucial to the incident.

Try to document everything that happened during the incident including how the other party reacted. The things they do and say may not be admissible in court but it may still help in a settlement.

Find Witnesses

Get names and other contact details of people who may have seen the incident. Ask them off they would be willing to give a brief statement about what they saw. Third-party witnesses are more trusted as they are deemed impartial and have nothing to gain by siding with one party.

Never Sign Anything Hastily 

Read any document that comes your way thoroughly. Make sure you have a full understanding of what you are signing.

Know Your Filing Deadline

Personal injury cases have a statute of limitations. Once that statute of limitations has expired, you are not likely going to be able to file a claim anymore. Make sure you file your claim or lawsuit within that window of time you have after the incident. 

Avoid Settling On Your Own

If you do not know what you are doing, avoid settling on your own. Keep in mind that the other party will want to give you as little money as possible while you will want to get as much as possible. Usually, you would want them to cover all your medical expenses. Ideally, it would be better if they will also cover your loss of wages. If you got hospitalized, or have to keep going back to see the doctor then you most definitely want to pay your time and other costs that entails. 

When in doubt, or when you have questions, it is best to seek help from a personal injury attorney who can give you the best advice based on the information you have.


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