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Learn To Protest; Being Silent Is Good For Examination Halls


Learn To Protest; Being Silent Is Good For Examination Halls


Raising our voice against the wrongdoers or wrong circumstances proves that you are a strong person mentally. When you learn to protest against the odds it means you are on the right path; the ones who refuse to complain might also be following the right track, but we all know that “doing wrong and accepting wrong are equally destructive.” Thus we must learn to take matters at hand whenever and however possible.

When we keep letting go of the wrongdoers, no matter how small a crime it is, they take it in their stride and commit the crime again. The issues can be as small as your neighbors playing loud music at night or as atrocious as nursing home abuse cases, but once you start raising your voice against the wrong, the effect shows up later if not sooner!

Protest but don’t be violent!

While healthy protesting is good for any violent cause, getting violent yourself is not at all appreciating in any form. You must learn to protest in a manner that others don’t face any problem due to your actions. Never be raged while you are at a rally into some protests or don’t pick up a fight when you are agitated.

Always keep in mind that “an eye for an eye can make the whole world blind” and thus you don’t have to degrade your levels to the wrongdoers by performing the same actions as they do. Be sober in your activities but be determined to protest. You can also take legal actions while complaining and it does not always have to be road protests to demand justice in an unjust cause.

Do not be silent due to utter fears!

People these days do not raise their voices due to fear of bullying or other harassment that follows. Some people at workplaces silently give in to wrong deeds that take place around them because of the fear of losing their jobs while at the education front, the students fear suspension if they raise their voice against the influential people in the system. But we must rest assured that if we don’t raise our voice when the matters are not so grave, then it will slowly take a shape which we won’t like to face further.

In the world of digital media, getting public attraction has become so easy through social platforms, and thus we should also be digitally updated for any help that we may need in case of any wrongdoing. It does not even require you to be physically present anywhere to protest, you need to update the issue, and half the work is done. 

The Final Take

In a world where every day we get to see issues of fraud, sexual harassment, murder cases, nursing home abuse cases, and many other such heinous crimes executed by humans, it makes us wonder “are they really humans”? The insane cases every day have become intolerant now, and if we let it all go without showing any form of protest and only depend on the judiciary to take action, then it will take decades to bring justice to the victims. It doesn’t mean that we should take the laws in our hand and punish the criminals all by ourselves; it is obviously to be done by the judiciary, but we should protest against these crimes so that the actions are taken quickly.

There is a saying “justice delayed is justice denied,” and it can be assessed right because a criminal getting punishment after decades of committing the crime does not entirely heal the pain of the sufferers. When we learn to protest in even the smallest of issues that might not bring the crime rates down, but it instills fear in the heart of criminals of public lynching and quicker actions of the judiciary. So, being silent won’t really help whether you are the victim or not! 


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