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7 Things You Should Do Before Filing for a Divorce


Many people feel divorce is just a comfortable choice to resort to when marital issues persist. The truth is there are many challenges that surround divorce, including financial and emotional challenges. You can lose focus and most of all you’ve worked for, even when you desire a peaceful separation. Divorce should be carefully considered and both parties need a lot of time to fully position themselves to face the reality of the proceedings. As a matter of fact, there are some essential steps to take before you file for a divorce. Some of them include:

1: Choose an Expert Divorce Attorney

You may go around making a whole lot of costly mistakes and end up in a mess after a divorce if you don’t choose a good divorce attorney. I always advise that people get up to three attorneys and interview them to see which one can really litigate their case before a judge. Don’t be in a hurry. Ask questions. Consider an attorney with at least 5-10 years’ experience in the aspect of the family law as well as divorce law; someone who can fight for you when there is a need or can simply settle complicated issues amicably.

2: Settle Important Issues First

There are many worries in a man’s life. So why would you want to suffer some key part of your life for a divorce that would take so much from you? Take care of your assets, update your estate plans, and sign all necessary wills. This is highly needful because your intended divorce may deprive you of personal financial actions. As a case study, before a divorce is attended to in states like California, there would be some temporary restraining orders on your account which actually leave you hanging on some important transactions throughout that period. So be wise to avoid running at loss.

3: Know What You Are Worth

Putting together a concise report of all your income, assets, debts, and expenses can go a long way to help your divorce attorney to strategically craft out a plan that would work to your favor. Make sure you get the correct financial information by contacting all your business managers and accountants. Don’t do this after filing a divorce; do it from the onset to allow enough planning time between you and your attorney.

4: Have a Backup

Many people make a mistake of leaving all the money they’ve got in a joint account after filing a divorce. You can actually go broke and stranded most times especially when you have less control over the finances. The best thing to do is to set some amount of liquid money aside to take care of living expenses before opting for a divorce. It is called an emergency fund. Don’t make a mistake to leave your money intact because your spouse may actually cut you off.

5: Keep Record of Events

Now, this is important especially when custody is at stake. You need to keep some journals showing how you’ve been actively involved with your kids. Keep pictures taken with your child during their birthday celebrations, graduation parties, doctor visits, and school events etc., events that your spouse actually missed. This and other journals including text messages and emails between you and your children are going to give you an upper edge over your spouse to increase your time with your kids after a divorce.

6: Stay Away From Implicating Posts

Social media can really be at your disadvantage when you settle for a divorce. You may ask “how?” But have you ever thought of the fact that everything you do or post on social media is highly discoverable? Before filing a divorce case, ensure your social media account is clean from compromising pictures and posts involving partying and drinking even at parenthood. Also, try as much as possible not to vent about your spouse on social media. They could be tracked and used against you during the divorce proceedings.

7: Consult Mental Health Professionals

You will agree with me that going through a divorce can actually affect you emotionally and mentally. It’s a period when you want to talk about so many things. You want a confident that you can freely express yourself to. You can get a professional therapist, to help you maintain or boost your confidence and self-control during your divorce period. Don’t worry; none of your emotional confession would be used as evidence in court.

The Bottom-line

Don’t just rush into a divorce. Ensure that you handle some important aspect of your life smartly before filling up a case. Whatever you do at this period, make sure you stay above reproach and ensure you behave yourself.

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