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This Week’s Top Stories About Coffee


High School Students Putting Vanilla Extract In Coffee

In a high school in midtown Atlanta, letters have been sent home to parents about the dangers of pure vanilla extract. Students have been buying $9.00 bottles of pure vanilla extract, which contains a minimum of 35% alcohol. After buying the extract, they go into a coffee shop across the street from their school, buy coffee, and put the extract into their coffee to become inebriated.

Coffee Might Become More Expensive

Experts say that coffee might become more expensive this year. It is projected that bad weather will result in lower surpluses in major production areas such as South America and Central America. Last year the surplus was 9 million bags, but this year the surplus may fall to 5 million bags. Those who like to buy ground coffee, as well as other types of coffee, may find their coffee bills to be higher.

Making Sense of Things For Colombian Coffee Farmers

Columbia produces a lot of the world’s supply of coffee. Within the past four years, about 14.7% to 17.0% of the arabica coffee in the world has been produced by Colombian farmers. The problem is that despite the fact that Colombian farmers produce a relatively large percentage of the world’s coffee, they are not being properly compensated for their crops. The base price for coffee per pound is $0.952, which makes the endeavor of coffee farming unsustainable. A more desirable base price would be $1.40 for $1.50 per pound. The Colombian Coffee Growers’ Federation has considered removing coffees from exchanges relating to commodities because of this problem.

Woman Sues Fast Food Chain For Coffee Spilling On Her Lap

In Fulton County Court, Georgia, a lawsuit was filed against a popular fast-food chain. A woman ordered two coffees in the drive-through. One coffee was given to her without a problem, though the second coffee spilled on her lap due to a defective lid. The woman, Leigh Mehalick, suffered burns that were permanent and severe. She is requesting an undetermined amount of money for past, present, and future medical treatments related to the medical damages that she sustained in this incident. At this point, she has gone through $21,000 worth of medical treatments.

When Buying Coffee Beans

As you get more into the subject of coffee, there are certain things to look for when buying coffee beans. For example, the freshest, tastiest coffee beans are ones that are whole and unground. If you buy fresh coffee beans and grind them yourself, you will be rewarded with the most flavorful cup of coffee. Also, if you buy roasted coffee beans, look at the roast date. Ideally, coffee beans should not be roasted for more than two weeks. If they are roasted for more than two weeks, they will start to lose flavor. If there is no roast date listed on the package of coffee, then that is a bad sign. It is also a bad sign if the location where the coffee was grown and roasted is not listed. This means that it is a more inferior product and that the company selling it does not want you to know, or does not care enough to let you know, where the coffee has been produced and treated. Also, whether you buy ground coffee or unground coffee, a lack of transparency is a red flag. The coffee may have been produced unethically.

Transparency of information is a hallmark of good coffee. When you buy coffee, it is better to buy coffee that has not been exposed to air and light. This means that it is generally better to buy coffee in bags than it is to buy loose coffee that is put out in barrels. When you buy coffee, do not put it in the freezer. Putting it in the freezer is one of the best ways to destroy its flavor and texture.

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