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4 Safety Tips for Women Before They Begin Their Journey in a New Office


It is indeed not easy for a woman to survive against the odds of this male-dominated society and making a place for themselves. Every time they want to excel in a particular department or profession, they have to go through several difficulties to attain a position. And if also these struggles weren’t enough, the rise in cases of sexual harassments against women depicts the fact that they are not really safe in this world.

That is why it becomes the sole responsibility of every woman to strengthen their safety all by themselves without relying much on others to do the same for them. Here are some workplace safety tips for women which they might consider to be helpful before joining a new company.

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  • Read your employment contract thoroughly and carefully

There are many fraudulent companies which make fake promises to the women employees before joining and thereby ever stick to it after they join the company. So, a woman must go through all the employee contract negotiations and then zero in on the decision of choosing to work at that particular company.

  • Make a detailed research of the company’s background before accepting the joining letter

Today the technology has such high reach that there is nothing that canst be found on the internet. So, make a thorough background check of your new workplace and know every detail before you give your nod to work there. keeping in mind the number of fraudulent companies coming up with luring employment opportunities, women must be careful while applying for jobs in any such company which is not a brand name in the industrial market. Make a background check of it and then give your nod for the same.

  • Do not let your seniors or boss make advancements on you luring you with better opportunities Do not let people take advantage of your goodness; beware of the workplace politics around you

Though not in every case in a majority of cases it is seen that the senior male employees or the bosses make advances of the female juniors promising them of better opportunities in the company; it’s a trap! Do not let them take advantage of you by fooling you, remember hard work always pays off.

  • In case of night shifts, be sure about the safety throughout your conveyance and duty hours in the office

Nowadays many companies offer night shifts for their employees for various reasons. It would be better if you could avoid it but if not then at least make sure all your safety matters are taken care of properly by the company that includes your transportation also.

The takeaway

Though the world has become quite more liberal and has started shelling out equal rights to both men and women, still the safety of women happens to be a big question mark! We see so many cases of brutalities against women, sexual harassments, molestations and other such crime against women that the faith against humanity is fading away from the hearts of people.

That does not mean there are no good humans on earth but the ratio is disheartening. Thus, the women must act bravely when it comes to protecting themselves from the perverts and the tips given above can help them in attaining safety at least in their workplaces.

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