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Amazing Makeup Tricks to Look Gorgeous This Valentine’s Day


Shu Uemura of the famous house of everything that has to do with beauty is a staunch believer that, “Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin.”  That’s a strong statement that puts a premium on the naturally beautiful skin and less priority to makeup. That means, if you want a romantic makeup look this Valentine’s Day, you need to go beyond just finding the right makeup products to give you goo-goo eyes luscious lips.

Skincare + color

If an oversimplification of a beautiful skin had to be formulated, the equation will boil down to these two words, “skincare” and “color”. Rather than just becoming preoccupied with Valentine’s Day makeup tips, have a look at this list of Top 10 makeup tricks to get that gorgeous look this love month that does not all to involve cosmetics:

Tip No. 1: Exfoliate.

Enhance the youthfulness, silkiness, and supple feel of your skin at any age by stimulating your skin to turn over much faster even as the natural skin renewal process takes longer. The secret lies in regular exfoliation. Enhance your skin and support better absorption of your products by exfoliating. This also allows your makeup to cling on to your skin with ease.

Tip No. 2: Moisturize.

We don’t mean just pick up a good moisturizer and that’s it. Flood your skin with moisture. How? Do a series of moisturizing treatments at home as much as you can. Use a hydrating and brightening face mask to improve your skin complexion. Layer ampoules over serums, essences, and thicker creams. A well-hydrated skin makes up for beautiful skin, and you must know by now that beautiful skin is the foundation of great makeup.

Tip No. 3: Treat.

Improving the appearance of skin imperfections, like dark marks and hyperpigmented skin needs more than just your attention. You need products that contain skin brighteners, like Dermisa Skin Fade which contains hydroquinone as its active ingredient.

Tip No. 4: Keep your skin well hydrated.

We can’t emphasize the role of moisture more as it must be the most important item in this list of Valentine’s Day makeup tips. Moisturizing in the morning and before you sleep is simply not enough. You have to keep hydrating your skin throughout the day by drinking your fluids but also by spritzing on the mist.

Tip No. 5: Always start with a clean canvas.

Before putting on your makeup, always make it a point to cleanse and tone skin. An exfoliation the night before will also be more than beneficial.

Tip No. 6: Prep skin.

You don’t need skin primers. Use your creams and treatments as a way to even out your skin tone and texture so that your makeup can glide on more easily and not slip from your skin even over long periods of wear.

Tip No. 7: Minimize layering products.

Use only what you need. Don’t be anybody else but yourself. After all, when you have beautiful skin, to begin with, you don’t need thick makeup. Makeup will never be able to create a skin that’s remotely comparable to your naturally beautiful skin. Besides, the more products you layer, the more likely your skin will become inflamed. Check that your products are rid of harsh ingredients.

Tip No. 8: Have a goal in mind. 

Before you apply your colors, contours, and highlights, make sure that you have a clear plan in mind. What look are you going for? From there, start putting together the products that you will be needing to achieve your signature Valentine’s look.

Tip No. 9: Make sure your makeup and your natural personality are consistent. 

You can wear makeup that does not reflect your character and attitude but, living with it throughout the night will be stressful. Let natural self-shine through. Enhance only with makeup.

Tip No. 10: Keep one or two products for a touch-up.

Lipstick is one. The other will have to be your mascara, that is if you’re not wearing your falsies or extensions.


Frankly, nobody is born with perfectly flawless skin. The difference lies in these two. Genes are a good part of it but, for the most part, it’s what you do to your skin every day that makes a significant difference in the long run. The kind of skincare and the amount of makeup you apply all come together, in the end justifying proper or improper ways of managing your skin.

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