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Ayurveda is Going to be the Answer for all Health Related Issues



India has seen a lot of development in the past decades. Be it in terms of technology or in terms of industrial growth, India is doing pretty well.

Our country has gone from letters to smartphones in a matter of a few years and we couldn’t be prouder. But at the same time, people have started suffering from innumerable diseases which are growing every day as we speak.

And for every new disease, medical science is trying to work on creating medicines that can cure it. This happened because people forgot that we live in India, the country of Ayurveda.

Thankfully, with Baba Ramdev’s constant poking that natural and herbal products are way better than any other option, we Indians were reminded of its power. And that’s the reason that a report came out recently, claimed that 77% of people have switched to using Ayurveda products in the last 5 years. It has become the most interesting news today.

The power of Ayurveda

After the effect of modernization, almost every one of us used to laugh at things like yoga can cure any disease and Ayurveda medicines work much better than allopathy medication. But truth is, it’s actually the reality.

It might sound as interesting news but its way more enticing when you get into the details. A survey was conducted three years ago which showed that 69% of Indians are using Ayurveda products. Last year, again the survey was conducted which showed a hike of 8% in a matter of two years.

It is interesting news from India because finally, we have realized the power Ayurveda holds. It’s a shame that foreigners come from various parts of the world, learn the secrets of Ayurveda, and leave with immense baggage of knowledge and herbal power that they use for their betterment.

On the other hand, we Indians are stuck in the dilemma to be modern and embrace new technology when it comes to health or to accept traditional methods and cure oneself of all kinds of illnesses.

The current state of an Indian health sector

When it comes to the current state of hospitals and health facilities offered by the Indian health department, there is an abundance of medication available for all kinds of illnesses. To give you an example, people don’t want to apply balms and oils to get rid of headaches. Instead, they choose to pop a pill for it and get rid of the headache.

The same goes for common cold and cough. People have become so dependent on medication that no one wanted to spend time on herbal methods. But now, slowly people are realizing that eating pills have made them addicted to medication. Any kind apparently.

Switching to Ayurveda

It is undoubtedly interesting news that more than half of India’s population is now using herbal and Ayurveda products over allopathy medicines. More and more people every day are realizing that they have in fact weakened their body by consuming a lot of medicines.

Had they been using herbal products to cure small illnesses such as cold and headache etc., they would have been much stronger and immune to most diseases naturally.

But it’s never too late to choose the right path.

In Conclusion:

Now that people have finally started embracing the magical power of Ayurveda, they have realized that it was always there. It’s just that we were too stubborn to accept it. We didn’t want to portray ourselves as orthodox and ancient people who still used leaves and roots to get well.

But hey, apparently, the plants work much better than all the combined pills you have popped and we all crave for a healthy body. So, whatever it takes, we should opt for the thing which is natural.

And what could be more natural than Ayurveda? Nothing, right?

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