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Alcohol and Its Harmful Effects on an Individual and the Society

Alcohol and Its Harmful Effects on an Individual and the Society


All of us know well the harmful effects of alcohol on human life and health. Still controlling its addictions seems to be the toughest job to accomplish. People these days are inclined to drinking consistently rather than on occasions. Even if the addicts want to leave this habit, finding ways to do the same is really difficult as our body grows strong affinity towards alcoholic beverages. It is not that people are not aware of its harmful effects but still they drink by choice, and no one can help them in such a situation. We need to possess the determination to leave this dangerous habit as it not only affects our own health but also leads to severe damages to society. 

Let us discuss some of the significant havocs caused due to consumption of alcohol by the human race. Read on to know. 

  • Affects the overall health– there is not just one way that the consumption of alcohol affects human health; it does in many ways. Right from our brain to our vital organs it affects all to a greater extent. People suffer from anxiety disorders, convulsions, dizziness, hallucinations, and many more such issues when they drink at large. Apart from these short-term health complications, the chronic ones also include lousy heart conditions, damage to the liver which can be so severe that it can drag a person to death bed if not treated on time. 
  • Responsible for on-road accidents– when a person drinks too much alcohol, he or she loses control over the brain. It is one of the primary reasons why we are told to avoid drinking and driving! When we don’t have control over our minds, it’s apparent that we won’t be able to distinguish between right and wrong. In this case, the chances of accidents increase. If you or a loved one is involved in an accident, contact crash impact experts to help you with the situation. 
  • Breaks relationships– the people who are high on alcohol become agitated frequently and at smaller issues; they tend to show their emotional sides more when they are under the influence. When raged, they might be abusive towards their closed ones too, and that in turn can lead to cold relationships.
  • Adverse Impacts on children– when the elders in the family are habituated to regular drinking the children also tend to pick up the same habit sooner, and it drags them to the darker world! So, people must avoid drinking at least in front of their children.
  • Increases crime rates– so many crimes occur every day by people under the influence of alcohol. They drink and become abusive towards anyone and everyone; that also increase sexual harassment cases where the offenders show no sympathy in committing the crimes. Many such cases have been reported to date, and it doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon.

The Final Take

We all know that the average amount of alcohol consumption in our world is too high a number and it refuses to die down any time soon. Moreover, it is growing with passing times, and the adverse effects of alcohol consumption also come into foray now and then. We cannot blame the people entirely because the availability of alcoholic beverages these days has become so easy and cheap that anyone and everyone can afford them.

It is saddening to know that the youngsters (even children at times) have also picked up a severe addiction for alcoholic drinks and thus they are more susceptible to a hazardous health condition in years to come. Though there is an allotted age to buy drinks and that is only when you become an adult officially but most of the time “rules are meant to be broken” in this world of wrongdoers. We need to be responsible for our health and prevent ourselves from excessive drinking if at all giving up the habit seems tough! 



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