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These 6 Tips to Stay Healthy, Will Change Your Life


Now, in the changing season, everyone wants to look natural even after being healthy. But often this does not happen. The make-up that you feel light and natural now seems to be sticky and heavy in this changing season. So, what kind of method can you adopt in this? Let’s know.


Makeup looks good on a clean face. Clean the face with the mild cleanser so that the dirt on the skin is removed. Apply oil-absorbing toner before applying makeup for oily skin. 


Do not have moisturizer on oily skin. Instead of just put a little moisturizer under the eyes. Put the SPF 15 non-oily moisturizer on the rustic and normal skin. 

Make-up primer

A good base is essential for this to make long-lasting makeup in this season. Therefore, after applying sunscreen, the light touch of the HD makeup primer should definitely be given. This will help to soften the skin.

Waterproof Foundation

Apply Highly Pigmented and Waterproof Foundation if needed. Place a jail-based foundation instead of the creamy foundation. Put thin layers and let dry for three minutes. Then remove Extra Foundation from Tissue Paper. It would be better if you use tinted moisturizer these days. After that, if you want more coverage, place the Shear Foundation.

Light makeup

Light Eye Makeup makes the heavy eye makeup messy look in the summer. So choose perfumes, strong shades like lavender and coral pink Make Waterproof and Long Lusting Eye Makeup. Must use mascara. If you choose such shades, if the make-up spread due to perspiration then it will glow around the eyes instead of Messi.


Choose Meth Shades Lipstick for Melt-Proof Look in Summer. Apply high proof pigment lipstick with the matte base with the waterproof lip pencil. This will help you grow your look.

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