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Why Having Insurance Is No More A Luxury But A Necessity?


The word insurance itself depicts a feeling of security and surety to the human beings. When we think of securing the future of our own self, our dear ones, and even the things we possess, the first thing that comes to our mind is getting an insurance of all that in the right time.

In some countries, doing insurance is not even a choice; they are made mandatory so that the people do not have to suffer from any trouble regarding anything in their life. The most effective form of insurance has been popular since ages is obviously our life insurance policies but other than that the insurances of health, our workplace, our vehicles or our houses are also equally important in case we suffer any damages in them. There are several schemes and procedures available in different insurance firms, that are made keeping in mind people of every standard, age, gender and on the basis of their incomes as well. So that they do not face any difficulty in acquiring all types of insurances.

In today’s time, the increasing modes of transport along with the busier lives of people has made them prone to more accidents than normal. In case of such incidents, both the vehicle insurances and the health insurance comes to our rescue when the person does not face death.

As we need to pay taxes from time to time to continue getting the benefits of the things we pay the taxes for, similarly we also need to pay the installments of our insurances from time to time so that we can get the benefits when we want. And failing which may be subjected to non-issuance of our desired amounts in times of our requirements.

What are the benefits that people get if they include insurances in leading their everyday life?

Well, the most beneficial advantage that people receive when they make insurances of anything is the security of their financial needs. Whenever you face a crisis in your life regarding the things that are secured with insurances, your stress regarding the monetary developments die down and you remain tension free for whatever happens.

For example, if any case your office or workplace faces any natural disasters that damage it, you will get the compensation from the insurance company for whatever the damages are done due to it. This is only applicable when you pay your installments timely and obviously when you opt for an insurance policy in the first place.

Likewise, when a person dies and he is survived by minor children or a non-earning wife, his life insurance funds comes to the rescue of their family in the time of needs. And the same applies to all other types of insurances done.


The importance of having an insurance policy is a major issue these days because it secures us financially and who do not want monetary benefits in the time of needs by spending small amounts for longer periods?

So, we all must treat acquiring insurance policies as necessities rather than luxuries. When you are secured well financially, half the stress of your life is automatically solved and it saves you from major problems in life.

The basic motive behind acquiring insurance is to have financial security in case of emergency situations. When you buy health insurance, you become assured that no matter in whatever state of financial condition you are in the future, your medical expenditures would always be taken care of (only if you had paid the premiums on time) by the insurance firms. Likewise, in case of everything that you secure through insurance, you become tension free of the monetary expenses that are to come in the times of crisis.

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