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Strengthen Your Social Media Marketing This Year


Social media is ever evolving. There is something new happening on almost one or the other platform every day and in order for you to stay in pace with these developments, you need to stay as active as possible.

Remember, consistency is key.

So here are a few tips that might help you get a push start to re-think, revamp and re-strategize your social media marketing for 2019.

Set up a content strategy

A content strategy in terms of social media marketing is different than for digital marketing. Social media marketing is a more targeted niche and a content strategy has to be similarly more targeted, definite and to-the-point with ideas that click with your audience base.

You can span out your social media marketing content as per the latest social events, happenings, national or international level events and more so.

You need to prepare a content schedule for your social media marketing initiatives which should have something interesting going on every day of the week. If you do not plan to post every day, then you can work this out accordingly, but make sure to include all trending topics /holidays/events and cover topics relevant to trending news.

Work on video content

We’re sure you must have come across the importance of doing video marketing if you have any experience in doing digital or social media marketing. Or if you are just starting out with your marketing initiatives, make sure you somehow work on your video content too. Think you don’t have the requisite experience or gear? Fret not! You actually don’t need one. You simply need a smartphone camera, good lighting (could be outside) and make relevant videos. For video content to do well, make sure to keep it as genuine as possible, unless you have the budget for full video production.

What is your goal?

Good that you are starting out with your social media marketing, but have you identified what is your actual goal? For starts, it could be to increase or gain more followers, likes and reach. For midsize businesses, it could be brand awareness wherein gaining more followers is an afterthought. For large to bigger businesses, engagement becomes important as they might already have a good following.

Optimize, optimize, optimize

Optimization has been the mantra for social and overall digital marketing since its conception itself. You need to keep your social media handles churning good quality and relatable content but also make sure that the descriptions, bio, and your brand story, not just stay consistent, speaks the same tone but is also optimized as per the latest key or buzz words in your industry. Find out what top keywords are being used by your competitors or well-established brands in your industry. Keep a track, make notes, look for more relevant keywords and start optimizing. Remember these keywords are generally slightly different from your search engine optimization.

So make sure in order to revamp your social media marketing initiatives, you are taking the above steps by hook or by crook. We believe being active on social media is the way it is meant to be, but what counts is how differently you are doing what others are not. So Keep Posting, Keep Growing.

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