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Public Sector Vs Private Sector? The Debate Continues

Public Sector Vs Private Sector? The Debate Continues


Every coffee table at some time has witnessed the discussion of professional preferences– whether to choose a Public Sector Vs Private Sector. When we walk the path of our career-related choices, we tend to look out for many concerns like the payout, the working hours, the office environment, and so on. It is justified too as we have to spend a vast amount of time in our workplaces.

But the debate still continues as to what is the best sector and where we must heed after completing our education. Though it is quite a common thinking that prevails amongst our society that a government job serves you right, the scenario has changed over the past few years as the private sectors are also blooming at large with each passing day.

There are argumentative differences to choose between these two sectors. Let’s discuss in details about them:

The pros and cons of Public Sector Vs Private Sector:

Public sector


  • You have the security of your job until you make atrocious disputes in performing your duties.
  • The retirement payoffs (pension plans) are well managed.
  • The provident fund schemes and many other facilities are provided ‘only’ to the government employees
  • In case of any discrepancies at the workplace, the public sector employees’ rights commissions come to their rescue along with the attorney general.
  • They are waved off from many financial expenses which they won’t get otherwise.


  • It is a matter of huge responsibility to be in the eyes of the governing body. One cannot afford to commit mistakes of any kind which may lead to a national crisis
  • The ones in the sectors need to go through several tests and have to be well qualified for getting a post in the public sector, and it’s a very tough competition to prove your worth for the job you opt for
  • There can be situational emergencies which you can’t deny if you are performing for the government
  • The transfers and the promotions often cause distress to the employees as it can be abrupt sometimes and the whole family is affected as well
  • The payout, though permanent, does not always see a good hike and does not amount to heavier amounts also.

Private sector


  • The salary range is very high that sees a handsome hike with experience and working capabilities
  • The opportunities are not fixed; people always have the option to change jobs or choose their desired profiles
  • Many giant sectors offer all the necessities to their employees including accommodation, transport, and even the household essentials.


  • The long work hours and shifts (night and day) drains the employees both physically and mentally
  • The juniors always have to bear the pressure of the seniors and the boss as well
  • Majority of the private firms search for experienced people, so the fresher fall prey to unemployment
  • Approximately all the private sector employers always put up loads of work pressure on the employee and the deadlines are very stricter
  • Sometimes even people don’t get their due salary when the marketers cite an irrelevant reason for non-payment. The sad part is that one cannot do anything if the payments are not cleared; this is a major drawback of working in a private sector.

When we shift from our educational life towards professional life, it becomes very tough to choose the right path and be successful in that endeavor. Not only a job, whatever is the profession, but people also try their best to get the maximum benefits out of it. So, there are many things that they look out for; a shaken career can be destructive for the person concerned and the whole family too. Thus it is advised to the ones seeking a career in a public or private sector to take the above-mentioned factors on the note while opting for either of it.

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