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12 Online Marketing Tips to Target Millennials


Generations are changing and so are their needs. It is a fact that we are living in a world of changes. The boom of the new technologies and Internet changed the way companies create relationships with customers. For a generation who grow up with free constant access to the Internet, traditional marketing seems outdate.

Analyzing new market trends and going ahead of them is something an PPC agency must have in mind.

1.Optimize-content for social media

Social media is the new search engine optimization, especially when it comes to Millennials. Reaching them on social platforms with your products or service is the most effective way as it drives the most significant traffic back to brands and publishers. Attractive and catchy content during the first ten seconds of the video is more likely to be watch and share. Keep it short with the millennials, do not take too long communicating a message.

2.Focus on word of mouth

Recommendations from friends or colleagues are very welcome when addressing to millennial. The opinion of somebody they trust about a service or products is valued and influence them on finally acquiring the product. The effectiveness of traditional marketing is lower in this segment.

3.Meet them in person

Knowing and analyzing customers in terms of shopping habits, eating habits, reveal plenty of information. In order to adequate campaign or products to their needs information is power.

4.Give them an instant response.

Millennials, ask questions or doubts and required more information on social media platforms. They expect to have an instant response from the companies as if we are referring to a real person. Companies devote a considerable number of employees in order to fulfil this need and be effective.

5.Commit to authentic sampling.

As we said earlier, Millennials trusts recommendations. In order to buy a product, they need more information that, probably, cannot be provided by their close social circle. They appeal then, to online recommendations or feedbacks from strangers or unknowing people that sound like real experiences and not ads.  Giving the chance to some people to try the product and communicate their experience after is the new way of creating trust with the customers.

6.Be transparent.

As this millennial generation has all the information in their fingerprints and is constantly being bombarded with messages, they appreciate the honest information. Tired of being lied by companies with fake promises, they are looking for transparent and trustable information.

7.Do not sell products, sell your purpose.

It is not just about the product anymore, but the benefits or impacts of it or the brand. Companies, in order to reach Millennials, communicate their fiscal product or service as well as the general purpose the company seeks. Environmental awareness or social collaboration are aspects this segment of the population has a big consideration on.

8.Start the conversation through social channels.

Since a lot of resources are being invested in social media platforms, so it sounds logical to start a conversation with millennials this via. Studies show that the first contact the customer has with companies began with social media platforms, such as Facebook.

9. Appeal to FOMO

Millennials are all about FOMO (fear of mission out). Exclusive parties or experiences, special offers for a day, and so are events cannot be missed. Once more, is social media role to communicate these events and share a bit of it throughout pictures and videos.

10.Discounts or offers are welcome

As millennials tend to be frugal, probably for their age and level of incomes, thereby discounts or special personalized offers create big expectations for the product or brand.


This is the most modern way of advertising. Millennials are deeply attracted the to influence’s people lifestyles. They trust these personalities, even though they have never met them in real life. Millennials copy their behaviours, habits, and fashions. Influencers have a direct impact on people and thousands of followers with whom to share information in social media.

12.Opportunity to change

Millennials are an active part of the population; they are looking for social changes. Companies that give the opportunity to change, to achieve social or be part of something have a good acceptation in this market.

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