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What Are the Best Types of Fans for a Home?


Ceiling fans can add function and style to every room in the house. It will also help to keep the energy bills low by circulating the air all over the rooms, helping you to feel chilled in the summer season and warmer in the winter season.

There are a variety of ceiling fans, available each with its own benefits and features. While choosing the ceiling fan one must also consider the ceiling height, room lighting, and location. After knowing the various kinds of fans available in the market you can make the right decision for selecting the best ceiling fans for house.


In the majority of homes, Standard ceiling fans are found. They are multipurpose and comes in a variety of style which could match almost any decoration. Some common fan surfaces consist of brushed nickel, traditional bronze, Auburn, and pewter, black, white and natural colours.

Usually, such type of fan features at least four or five blades, a diversity of functioning mechanisms, and a mild fixture assembled into it. However, there is also a wide collection of options accessible without a light.

Standard fans support on smooth or sloped ceilings along with a down rod, a metal pipe which attaches the motor housing to the mounting bracket. This permits the ceiling fan blades to hang nearly 7 feet directly above the floor as essential by the National Electric Power Code.


This sort of ceiling fan must be used if the ceiling fans in the house are lesser than eight feet tall. Rather than using a down rod, the fan is fitted directly on the mounting bracket that keeps it over the suggested floor clearance.

Low profile fans, are also recognized as hugger ceiling fans or flush mount ceiling fans, installed directly over the mounting bracket, which safeguards the fan contrary to the ceiling. Use such kind of fans in the rooms where the height of the ceiling is lesser than 8 feet. This application permits the fan blades to the rest 7 feet directly above the floor.


Ceiling fans with integrated lighting combine the two-valued household fittings, the ceiling fan and the overhead light fitting together. Combined light kits are well-suited with luminous, halogen, and compact fluorescent light bulbs depending on the glass shade’s design. The glass shades are available in a range of patterns and colors to balance the ceiling fan’s overall style.


Wall fans are the most ultimate space-saving fans. These fans directly mount to the wall, releasing up room on the floors and desks. Several walls mounted fans have head tilts and on/off fluctuation controls. These ceiling fans make low-pressure airflow along with low capacity. This means that these both can be used for ventilation and cooling system.


Whether or not you have a standard ceiling fan, dual-motor fan, a damp out-of-doors fan or some additional type of fans, several of them are accessible with remote controls. This can be an excellent choice for everyone especially for those who have movement issues. Remote control ceiling fans for home provides the up-to-date convenience of regulating many fan speeds and lighting just with the press of a button. Therefore a ceiling fan with remote control is perfect for persons who cannot reach the fan.

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