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5 Businesses You Can Start in Dubai 2019


Planning to put up a business investment in Dubai? You can never go wrong if you choose this place to start your business venture. Among the countries in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is considered the major commercial hub and is surely one of the favorites among business investors.
So, if you are contemplating to set off a low investment business in Dubai, we have compiled this list of top 5 lucrative opportunities for you.

1. Automobile

The increasing number of population in Dubai is one of the main factors why the demands have increased in the automobile market. So, both the manufacturers and aftercare services will continue to prosper in this part of the world. As Dubai’s economy persists to thrive in the coming years, engaging in this type of industry will provide sure-shot profits. There are different types of businesses that you may want to set up while still keeping yourself relevant to the automobile industry. The options include tire store retail business, automobile service stations, vehicle towing service, mobile car wash service, and mobile oil changing service, among various others.

2. Fashion and Wellness

The lifestyle in Dubai is ever-changing as there is an increase in the consumer’s income levels. These are among the reasons why the demand for beauty, health care, and fashion-related services are in demand in the country. If you think that you have the passion to pursue this line of business, there is nothing to fear about. People will continue to demand beauty and wellness services and there’s a huge potential to make profits in this line. You can choose from a variety of options such as beauty salons, cosmetic stores, beauty spas, anti-aging clinics, and many others along the list. There is a huge potential in this market and you’re sure to thrive in Dubai.

3. Real Estate Business

Dubai is also well-known for its amazing architectural and spectacular designs. Lots of reasons are there to invest in Dubai real estate market. Dubai has become one of the best spots for international real estate investors because of its fantastic lifestyle offerings, well-designed community infrastructure and the excellent yields offered by the properties. In fact, you can expect a return that is approximately twice and up to three times as much as you would from properties in New York, London or Hong Kong.

4. Computer-Related Businesses

For those tech savvy individuals, engaging in computer-related services can definitely make huge prospects to earn profits. In today’s digital era, both small and big businesses need someone to handle their computer-related needs. Amongst the most profitable computer-related businesses in Dubai are computer repair and maintenance service, billing and invoicing services, selling computer accessories and parts, web designing, and development services, etc.

5. Food Processing And Delivery Services

Any food business anywhere in Dubai can turn into a profitable endeavour. This is due to the increasing population and the number of visitors to the city. Since food is an essential consumable, people need to buy something to eat anytime every day. If you are interested in this line of business, you might consider putting up your own fast food restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, catering services, and cake shop among various others.
You don’t need to hesitate anymore to invest in Dubai. From the above-stated list of business ideas across the top 5 inches, you can surely jumpstart with a small investment while expecting a stable profit. But of course, hard work, perseverance, and patience are some of the qualities that you must have to see your business endeavour succeed!

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